Secure Collaboration

Security isn't something to be taken lightly and it comes top of the list for Sixent. Everything is under your control, from content visibility, group memberships and role-based access to functionality right through to backend IT setup.

Access to any Sixent site can be restricted (e.g. by Single Sign On authorization or IP address) and once inside, an industry-leading permission engine serves as the foundation for everything in the platform, underpinning the way all information is displayed, shared and worked with.

Permission controls are highly granular, enabling multiple layers of protection to be easily put in place. Define categories to segment users around roles, geography or confidentiality level at the Site or Group level. Control visibility and access to Groups, Pages, Pods and Content Items using those categories. For Profiles, Sixent offers controls to selectively share one or more profiles per person to user-defined contact groups.

Flexible Design

Every organization is different which is why Sixent was designed with the capability to be customized to fit around your business need.

Selectively activate functionality to different user groups, create any number of fully customizable public and private groups and group pages that securely co-exist in the same site, introduce new members to the most appropriate groups and key people and be assured that confidential information is never inadvertently shared with the wrong audience. What's more, every user can customize their own Dashboard, personal data and how they connect and share with other users so they have confidence in the system too.

Sixent provides an unrivalled flexibility to build dynamic and content-rich pages with custom layout, styles, graphics, content organization and data sources. That means you can provide the right content in the right place for people to naturally discover, share and use.

So, whatever teams or people you need to bring together, Sixent makes it possible to securely and flexibly integrate all your organization's knowledge and connections in a single, powerful network.

Intuitive To Use

Sixent sustains adoption and use of the network by drawing inspiration from ideas in consumer social networks that leads to a personalized and intuitive user experience.

Its user-centric design means all controls, pages, content and interactions can be personalized to the permissions and preferences of each user. In doing so, Sixent not only encourages user content creation from the very first login, but it also promotes sharing, collaboration and sustained use.

Activity streams are used throughout the platform to show active content and discussions in a newsfeed format, all of which can be easily filtered to drill down into any type of content, group or category of members. Drag-and-drop controls make design and editing layout simple and combined with pre-built pods to surface content, it's incredibly easy to build a highly engaging network that your users will quickly include in their day-to-day schedule.

Integrated Suite of Features

Every interaction and content item is kept available in a Sixent network to preserve corporate memory, speed up information discovery and improve communication. That leads to higher productivity, lower IT costs, reduced time to market, better retention and improved satisfaction.

All standard tools in Sixent are immediately ready for use and can be selectively activated or deactivated as appropriate for your organization.

  • Social Networking
  • Rich, user-managed profiles
  • Live activity streams
  • Contact relationships
  • Open & private exchanges
  • Group Collaboration
  • Open, restricted or private workspaces
  • File and photo sharing, blogs, social bookmarks
  • Wikis for collaborative content creation
  • Threaded discussions and shared events
  • Crowd-sourced idea forum
  • Content Publishing
  • Pods to add content to any page
  • RSS and private direct links to content
  • Private Group pages and content
  • Drag-and-drop full page layout customization
  • Permissions respected site-wide
  • Personal Publishing
  • Micro-blog updates and Twitter integration
  • Personal blogs
  • File, photo & link sharing
  • Audience targeting
  • Ubiquitous Feedback
  • Comments
  • Ratings (like/dislike)
  • Idea rankings
  • Notifications (RSS and email)
  • User Administration
  • Separate and scalable assignment of Group and Site Admins
  • Assign privileges per Admin
  • Unlimited Admins to share management tasks
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Dedicated Admin panel for management of site
  • Cloud Service
  • No software to setup
  • Works in all modern web browsers
  • US or European hosting options
  • Single Sign On API integration for enterprise use
  • SSL certificate for encryted traffic
  • Brand Customizable
  • Add colors, logos, banners and styles
  • Brand the Site and each Group
  • Supports custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Supports widgets and custom pods
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